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Originally Posted by Harrison View Post
be very careful around low hanging branches. I’ve heard of people on riding lawn mowers or people raking their yards who hit their heads on unforgiving branches and destabilize their implant. Very scary situations.
It would be useful to know if this was this before the bone grafted into the implant or if this can happen after. "Destabilize" is such a generic term. What is going on here? It would be a scary thought if you can this innocently bump the plastic pivot of a Prodisc implant out of its socket!
3/2002 L5-S1 microdiscectomy- went well
1/2012 C6,7 arthritic, ADR recommended
BCBS will cover
UPDATE: No doc since the first surgeon has recommended an ADR. It now looks like I am up for another microdiscectomy / foraminotomy
I'm certain I am not the last for such a diagnosis change so we can all still learn from each others experiences!
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