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Hi Cheryl, sorry to hear this. I had this problem too, Ortho and eye doc's had no clue except to blame it on me or some other problem. I went to a place and did brain training [bio-feedback] with electrodes placed in different positions on your head. They did a map first to see where to place sensors and then you watch images and concentrate on different things that they tell you to. Sounds crazy, but it works, or worked for me at least.I no longer have the eye lid, cheek, upper lip spasms and headaches/ migraines greatly reduced. Google places that do brain training/ bio feedback or near feedback in your area. Good luck
1979 car accident: rear ended
1980 ACDF C4-5
4/8/11 stopped, hit again
3 epidurals, PT, 2 MRI's,etc.
scheduled 3 times for C5-6, 6-7 fusion,
plus laminectomy at C3-4, and C 7, advised to do Bilateral lamino-foraminotomy C5-6, C6-7,a Percutaneous Discectomy L4 -L5
7/14 RFA on L3 to L5 (awake, local only)
C5-6,6-7 M-6 ADR with Dr. Clavel 9/17/14,
12/7/15 RFA L2-S1, Facet injections C2-7
6/3/16 RFA L2-S1, epidural L4,5, 8/26/16 RFA C1-7
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