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Old 09-11-2017, 03:44 AM
bfdfix bfdfix is offline
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Default Hybrid Fusion & ADR L4/L5 +L5/S1

Hi everyone,

Well after what I can say has been the most traumatic year of my life, I'm trying to move for ward with surgery again.

I have osteoporosis in my spine and previously had surgery cancelled because of finding out about this, however I'm looking to have vertebroplasty where cement is injected into the spine to strengthen it. This isn't ideal, however I either get that done or my discs will deteriorate further and I'll be at sea without a paddle!

Anyway it appears that my LS/S1 has deteriorated to a point where fusing at that level is the better option, due to facet damage... I don't think the facets have completely had it yet, but the risk of facet pain after seems not worth it.

So fusion at L5/S1 and ADR at L4/L5 seems like the better option, I know several people have had this done successfully and have read plenty of posts about it.

However one thing that obviously springs to mind is that there is extra pressure put on the ADR at L4/L5.

I wondered for the people that have had the surgery, what surgeons have said to them about increased pressure, longevity of the adjacent ADR etc???

2013 - Back damaged deadlifting in the gym, recovered well and never had sciatica but life was always a little harder after this injury.

08.16 - Back/sciatica problems arose (what I class as the start of life changing problems in day to day life)

10.16 - After signifcant recovery problems arose again and life has never been the same since

02.17 - L4/5 Small bulge, L5/S1 small protrusion confirmed by MRI, L5/S1 pressed on sciatic nerve but no significant compression noted.
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Old 09-13-2017, 03:57 PM
Blizzaga Blizzaga is offline
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Hi bfdfix,

I replied to your private message. One thing I did not mention was that I was indeed offered a choice between 2x ADR and ADR+fusion. I was very firm on my choice that I wanted 2x ADR and under no circumstances would I want a fusion. Somehow I just did not like the idea of having the extra hardware inside me, even though it would not have been much for the L5-S1.

I would also be interested to know how patients that chose the hybrid method are doing long term.
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